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Episode 10 Morning of Sept 6, 1940 - LondonOur Investigators stake out and try to gain entrance into the Williams' residence. The police intervene and...View Details

A Door in an Alley. In the legwork phase the operators look for evidence in the dark mesh and hit up contacts for intel. We find out a little more abo...View Details

Episode 9 The Previous episode's audio was lost into the eldritch abyss. Sep 5-6, 1940 - LondonOur Investigators get some mysterious assistance and th...View Details

Episode 7 September 1940Our Investigators have a captive. Good thing they are at a hospital . . .  

Episode 6 September 1940The investigators prepare to defend the Hughes home. Will they discover who has been disturbing their Friend?  

Episode 5 After the difficulties encountered in Vlissingen, and given the advance of War throughout Europe, our Investigators are volun-told to join t...View Details

Episode 4 September 1940 London prepares for war. A German air strike could happen any day. Meanwhile, our Investigative team is drawn into a mysterio...View Details

Episode 3 May 1940 - Vlissingen, NetherlandsOur PCs have a prisoner. What are their plans for him and will they uncover his secrets?  

Episode 2 May 1940 - Vlissingen, NetherlandsOur Investigators continue their work in the harbor town of Vlissingen. A coveted item is recovered, a fig...View Details

The first episode of our World War Cthulhu campaign is available for your listening pleasure. May 1940 – Our intrepid Investigators make their way to ...View Details

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