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July 15, 1941 MorningA gathering at Grace's flat, another meal at The Shoulder of Mutton, gearing up for the assault . . .  Hew Warner-Smyth - GeoffRo...View Details

Cuff ‘em and Stuff ‘emInto the fray, the bar and the tunnels.Warning -- contains explicit language and references. Oatmeal - PeteAN0M4LY - CampbellScr...View Details

Episode 32July 11, 1941 MorningA night meeting at the docks. Package for Andre! Package for Andre! A deadline from N.Hew Warner-Smyth - GeoffRobert Ma...View Details

Our 1 shot Numenera session - extended.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to keep it going!  Session 9.. Getting Ready for a Trip.  More character dep...View Details

Epside 31July 5, 1941 London - NightWith the rest of the group under medical care, a largely healthy Andre Lannes finds himself alone. He persues an i...View Details


"Sailors on a Starless Sea"AAC continues to build the Aacia world in Dungeon Crawl Classics by running through another level 0 funnel. GM- RexPaulGers...View Details

Episode 30July 5, 1941 London - NightThe majority of the investigators are on the mend at a secret hospital of questionable quality. Hew and Andre sco...View Details

Cheesesteaks and StakeoutsThe crew hits some roadblocks, but stays cool, works their contacts and does what they do best, uncovering a big man.Warning...View Details

Episode 29July 5, 1941 LondonCOMBAT! COMBAT ! COMBAT! The beasts attack . . .Hew Warner-Smyth - GeoffRobert Marshall - DuckAndre Lannes - RexGrant Sul...View Details

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