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The PackageGetting back into The Sprawl with a package that needs to be intercepted, if only the team can locate itJax - MattDeklyn - SammerFumi - Ger...View Details

A Sacred PlaceOur adventurers follow the words and trail of a dead being to a clearing.Autoraz - TyRodney of Koot - PeteMC - JasonMusic - Megacity DEL...View Details

August Northern Italy / Late September 1941 LondonOur invetigators make it back from Northern Italy. A summons to Norwich for a briefing. A new team m...View Details


"Slither's End"Our heroes return to the adventuring life and end up in Slither's End. They save the day, but what else is going on in this small town?...View Details

Experienced technical issues with Episode 38 - The Play is the Thing 04. Episode 39 August 7, 1941  - 1600 local, Northern ItalyThe thrilling conclusi...View Details


The infamous deadly conclusion to "Sailors on a Starless Sea". GM - RexPaulGershBrianMattJesseCarl

The Cabal Round Table-003

Duck, Gersh, Ty, Rex and Jason discuss putting characters in unwinnable situations, characters giving up agency for the sake of the story and the joy ...View Details

Snakes in the FoyerThe Cutler Boys venture ever closer to Tejon. There's something amiss in the outlying houses, and that preacher just ain't right.Ri...View Details

August 7, 1941 0400 Northern ItalyA fetival, a prisoner, a colonel, and gas masks . . .    Hew Warner-Smyth - Geoff    Robert Marshall - Duck    Andre...View Details

Controversy continues to swirl in Thenos as the factions continue to maneuver to gain some advantage in the trial of Rei. Salomon works carefully to b...View Details

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