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The One Ring-003

The Marsh Bell-003 Deeper into the marshy woodlands of Mirkwood. The Company is on the trail of the missing dwarfs. Players: Rex, Mr. 1000, Rocket Man...View Details

Trunk of a carContinuing pedal to the metal the team acosts a man and attends their meetings. Handler - RexDr O’Connor - MattGreg Lamont - LeroyFrank ...View Details

Of Salons and SoldiersNovember, 1774. While Sam and Nathaniel attend a salon at Governor Hutchinson’s residence, Wendell, Ephraim, and Lawrence witnes...View Details

From Bree on the East Road Aglaran - DuckSognir - PeteFolotor - JasonGM - Dave Music: A Celtic Journey - Peter Crowley

Somewhere in the quicksand, we all fell a little. This one gets a little drinky. Fireballs may or may not have been cast as Gutboy and Surian reacquai...View Details

Nergal Station Part 1 Darvyn - BackdoorDiant - DuckQuinn - MattProfessor Coff - AnthoniiGay-tuh - Hollywood MikeGM - Jason Music: Nate Treme-Creature ...View Details

The One Ring-002

The Marsh Bell-002 We're on a mother-f'in boat! The Company grabs a skiff in Lake-town and heads down the Running River in search of missing dwarfs. P...View Details

Demands The team arrives at Tanaka 5 and pays a heavy price. GM: BackdoorRex: Blaine Prescot WinfreyDuck: Ahmya LisoKyle: Chuck LoveArt: Padraig Dunne...View Details

Jason, Pete, and Duck travel back in time to Ocean City, New Jersey. Bobby and Chris are soon to be freshmen in this struggling town on the brink of d...View Details

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