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In session 2, the characters learn that trying to do the right thing is not always the best option in a grimdark setting.   GM: RexVolker Sauer (Caleb...View Details

Session 1 begins in a bar! The characters wonder what they have in common. The attack on Bad Kreuznach begins.   GM: RexVolker Sauer (Caleb)Henn Knoll...View Details

Lots of BS and working on Zweihander characters.   GM: RexVolker Sauer (Caleb)Henn Knoller (Art)Zbigniew Grzmotkowski (crak)Kaspar Fritzen (Jesse)Bert...View Details

Things heat up as local corp insinuates itself, but our edge runners fight back. But the clocks keep ticking.   The Rock - Solo - Matt ASaffron "Jamme...View Details

The One Ring-007

Don't Leave the Path-002 The Company enjoys travels along the old forest road. Their employer makes a bad decision. Some furry creatures show up. Play...View Details

Nergal Station Part 2 Darvyn - BackdoorDiant - DuckQuinn - MattProfessor Coff - AnthoniiGay-tuh - Hollywood MikeGM - Jason Music: Nate Treme-Creature ...View Details

Families/Players:+ Keepers of the Long Sleep:- Cornelius, a scrounge: Kyle- Isiah, a diplomat: Gersh+ The Throng of Pleasure:- Mason, an advisor: Mark...View Details

Oddity High-006

A studly jock, a psychotic hottie, a gender fluid goodie goodie, and a cat(!) are are finding out that their high school and their friends are very od...View Details

GEV Red Dawn-001-[GURPS]

Join Jason, Pete, and Duck as we world build a place and time where GEV Jockeys ride. We end up with a little OGRE, a little Red Dawn, a little rat pa...View Details

From Thuinbold on the Dunnish Road Aglaran - DuckSognir - PeteFolotor - JasonMoro - MichaelGM - Dave Music: A Celtic Journey - Peter Crowley

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