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Oddity High-010

A studly jock, a psychotic hottie, a gender fluid goodie goodie, and a cat(!) are are finding out that their high school and their friends are very od...View Details

The One Ring010

Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit 002 Summer of 2947 TA. The Company heads from the Easterly Inn through the land of Beorn. Across the Old Ford and up to th...View Details

Dinner and a show amongst corporate machinations and a woman tired of dying asking for help.The Rock - Solo - Matt ASaffron "Jammer" Chalet - Rockergi...View Details

Heist-001-[The Score]

Garry - JasonThe Russian - MarkMr. Blue - Matt A.GM - Backdoor


Our delvers attempt to enter the castle after the big courtyard battle. A "monk" is interrogated and gets converted to join the merry band. The stench...View Details

Families/Players:+ Keepers of the Long Sleep:- Cornelius, a scrounge: Kyle- Isiah, a diplomat: Gersh+ The Throng of Pleasure:- Mason, an advisor: Mark...View Details

Deus Vult - Session 002

Our Priests of the Order finally return and face their first tests defending the faith in France during the Third Crusades. Players: Duck, Blair. GM: ...View Details

Highlands, NJThe Murder Mavens dig deeper into the death of wealthy financier Albert Krause and uncover some deeper mysteries around Highlands. Maude ...View Details

Our heroes sleep -- some less than others. Art, Duck, Ty, Crak

A past-his-prime fighter, a haughty warlock, a thunder-from-down-under cleric, and twin wizards set out to find fortune and glory in a supposedly aban...View Details

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