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Following up on earlier threads and a trip to An Giang.  Jack Cooper - JesseWillie Caine - TyLinh Sang - JasonLt. Greg Lemont - MarkGM- Rex

Oddity High-012

A studly jock, a psychotic hottie, a gender fluid goodie goodie, and a cat(!) are are finding out that their high school and their friends are very od...View Details

Showdown at Magdala Station. GM: Backdoor Rex: Blaine Prescot Winfrey Duck: Ahmya Liso Kyle: Chuck Love Art: Padraig Dunne Mike: Professor Victor Sams...View Details


DCC Whiterock Session 19 Deeper into level 2 under the mountain our hardy gang of adventurers delve. Perhaps a clue to some people to rescue? Will the...View Details

Jazz Craze Part 1An actor, a reporter, and private eye walk into a bar...Boothe: TySandy: HollywoodSnoops: RichGM: Backdoor

Through the tunnels and halls of the ziggurat on the way out.The Rock - Solo - Matt ASaffron "Jammer" Chalet - Rockergirl - Michael GWhiskey Mars - No...View Details

Darroc, Rocket Man, Duck, Rex, Ty, Anthonii, Hollywood wistfully revisit 2020 for some of their fondest memories in Guild RPGing.


We had some technical issues for 2 characters so this is really an episode about Mechanical Keyboards. Coop: MattJB: JesseWhit: CalebTrick: MikeGM: Ba...View Details

The investigation continues at the apartment and The Best Cab Company.  Jack Cooper - JesseWillie Caine - TyLinh Sang - JasonLt. Greg Lemont - MarkGM-...View Details

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