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In Greyhawk, no one can hear you scream. And in this episode, terrors lunge at our heroes in the dark.Dave: Gutboy BarrelhouseMitch: Surian Duck: Main...View Details

Families/Players:+ Keepers of the Long Sleep:  - Cornelius, a scrounge: Kyle  - Isiah, a diplomat: Gersh (absent)+ The Throng of Pleasure:  - Mason, a...View Details


DCC Whiterock Session 21 The fight continues over the slave pits, as the party encounters Goresh, a crafty foe, and lots of interesting features in th...View Details

Breakfast, a job, corporate meddling and an old flame. The Rock - Solo - Matt A Whiskey Mars - Nomad - Kyle Baud Six - Tech - Duck GM - Jason Music: R...View Details

The Bonegrinder Elrich - Kyle Haaku - Duck Wilbur - Jason Delgarr - Backdoor Jama'mar - James DM - Hollywood Mike

Zogant X13 Part 2 Darvyn - Backdoor Diant - Duck Gay-tuh - Hollywood Mike GM - Jason Music: Nate Treme-Creature of the Arch & Portishead-Wandering...View Details

Hi, Welcome to Chilay's!GM: Backdoor Rex: Blaine Prescot Winfrey Duck: Ahmya Liso Kyle: Chuck Love Art: Padraig Dunne Mike: Professor Victor Samson

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