An episode rife with tentacles and churlish behavior as the party nuzzles up to new friends ... and old.Dave: Gutboy BarrelhouseMitch: Surian Duck: Ma...View Details

After 6 grueling days trekking in the Forbidden Lands, our adventurers struggle home.  Will their home be ok? Gurrok, Orc Sorcerer - Rex Daelen Dandro...View Details

Harn Aacia-008

Down a player, the party continues to investigate the overrun mine outside of Loban.  Players: Duck, Blair, Pete A.  GM: Art.

Working on our night moves.Aglaran - DuckSognir - PeteFolotor - JasonGM - DaveMusic: A Celtic Journey - Peter Crowley


We get the band back together after a summer off and bring a new player into the fold.  After we wrap, we go right into some filthy anime discussion. ...View Details

Deus Vult England-001

A second group of Guardians set off from Mont St. Michel across the English channel unsure of what evils and mysteries await. Players: Duck, Pete A, P...View Details

Leveling up!, read the writing on the wall, an over aggressive magic-user, up, up, up we go! Players: Pete A, Pete G, Art, Duck, Hollywood, Rocket Man...View Details

Our players begin in the midst of the bloodmist, and the demons do not want to let them go.  Will everyone survive?  Listen to find out! Gurrok, Orc S...View Details

AAC Runequest 20

Six jackasses escape the peace and quiet of Apple Lane to explore Glorantha. Episode 20

Four intrepid investigators are drawn to Vienna in this classic Call of Cthulhu RPG scenario. We meet Lukas, Benoit, William, and Bernard and see how ...View Details

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