The party catches their breath after the giant orcess retreats.  Summoned zombie monks and giant snakes mill around as they try to decide to run back ...View Details

Forbidden Lands-015

Join an orc sorcerer (Rex), a goblin minstrel (Ty), a human misfit (Art), a goblin fighter (Pete A), a wolfkin druid (John) and your trustworthy GM (D...View Details

Deus Vult-007

We get the band back together after a summer hiatus extended an extra month because of a hurricane.  Duck, Rex, Paul, Blair... Art as the GM.


After a long summer hiatus, the band gets back together on Farsight Station to continue with M-Space. Duck, Caleb, Jesse, and Pete A with Art as the...View Details

Into the Underdark! Nothing could possibly go wrong as the party takes a subterranean "shortcut" to the Sea of Dust, where they seek to confront the V...View Details

Cancer Town Pt 2What could go wrong in a mausoleum? Particularly a mausoleum in Harrison Mountain Township where a spate of grave robberies have plagu...View Details


DCC Whiterock Session 35 After one of their own wizards hurts the party with friendly fire, combat escalates!  It's time for the wizards to double dow...View Details

Aacia Stonehell-007-[OSE]

An alliance and some new party members cuts a swath through the dungeon.Pitt - KyleHasan El-Krim - RexSyndervene Artticus - TySufyaan al-Rahmani - Mat...View Details


DCC Whiterock Session 34 An encounter with a monster is resolved without combat? What?  Well, mostly. The adventurers find a watery passage and a fanc...View Details

The wondrous sundial is completed in the Ark. Bauvil completes his build for the Black Sun Clan. The party goes to the Elder to tell him about the str...View Details

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