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Lords of SlabtownThey're out to protect their neighborhood, their turf and their neck.Oatmeal - PeteAN0M4LY - CampbellScrupulous Jackson - LeroyGM - J...View Details

Episode 19 e19 - Sleeper Agents 6March 13, 1940Oliver, Hew, and Grant confront the nefarious Rene Celle in his modest hotel room. Celle tells them wha...View Details

Episode 18 Unfortunately, technical issues crept into episodes 16 & 17. Sleeper Agents 3March 6, 1941After extensive planning, our Investigators h...View Details

A Dinner for FourAn unlikely quartet are tasked to find Hungry Jack and get the food supply flowing again. Their reward, should they succeed? Chicken ...View Details

Episode 15 Feb - March 1940Our Investigators gather more intelligence for their mission, study an ancient tome, and suffer from bad dreams. Hew Warner...View Details

Episode 14 Winter 1940/41A frantic search for a missing tome, a horrific discovery, and a clandestine journey to mainland Europe awaits our investigat...View Details

Episode 13 March 5, 2017 Sept 1940 - Jan 1941A new Investigator joins Network N and the team. A book of forbidden knowledge is studied. London is unde...View Details

Episode 12 Night of Sept 7, 1940 - LondonThe final showdown with Aurora Williams. Will our Investigators make it in time?

A wasteland in the post-apocalypse tries to defend their little patch and prepare for a bad winter. Rex, Paul and Jason Warning--Contains explicit lan...View Details

Our one shot Numenera session - extended.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to keep it going!  Session 4...where we miraculously survived the sun ship...View Details

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