Episode 18

Unfortunately, technical issues crept into episodes 16 & 17.

Sleeper Agents 3
March 6, 1941
After extensive planning, our Investigators head to the POW hospital to checkout the mystery patient Maelys reported on. Creeping up the stairwell and taking the elevator up in separate groups, the Investigators are able to surprise a Gestapo Stooge/Guard and incapacitate him.

Sleeper Agents 4
March 7, 1941 early morning
The session opens with the group leaving the church with The Demon's Bane and Father Kerviel. In the distance, a strange whilstling sound is heard. They approach the truck they arrived in cautiously. A grisly scene awaits them as the French driver waiting for them has been brutally murdered with his throat slit and multiple stabbings in the back of the neck.

Sleeper Agents 5
March 7, 1941
Oliver has a physical copy of the Book of All Forbidden Arts. N wants an update on the mission. The Demon's Bane is studied. A late night visit to the Rennes Library is fruitful. A target's location is revealed. More bad dreams . . . how long will our investigator's insanity hold out?

Hew Warner-Smyth - Geoff

Robert Marshall - Duck

Oliver Lillburne - Rex

Erich Wildensee - Byrne

Grant Sullivan - Kyle

Keeper of Arcane Lore - Ty

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