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The finale to Crook's End. Summoned back home by a disturbing phone call from their life long friend, Francis and Maybelle uncover the dark secrets of...View Details

The Generation Ship Perserverance had a problem generations ago. The sleepers who were supposed to sleep until the destination started to awaken. It w...View Details

A Nudge The team receives some not so gentle warnings, and a mission that leads to the island. Handler - RexDr O’Connor - MattGreg Lamont - LeroyFrank...View Details

February 1944 We begin with underwater drama and a bit of madness on a USN sub. Then, chaos breaks out aboard the USN Patrol Boats. What is that in th...View Details

Our heroes meet their commanding lieutenant, hide from their own patrols, make friends with the locals, commit a war crime, and drive slowly through t...View Details

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