The Generation Ship Perserverance had a problem generations ago. The sleepers who were supposed to sleep until the destination started to awaken. It was a troubled time. The SECFORCE officers who awakened, in desperation, unbraked some of the ship AIs, with only the most minimal safeguards. It is generations later, and the awakened live on the brink of disaster.

In this session, we recap what happened at the con, do a little more world building, then continue the zoomed in conflict with the recently awoken. Later in the session, interesting facts about the ship are uncovered, and Cornelius tries to learn more.

+ Keepers of the Long Sleep:
- Cornelius, a scrounge: Kyle
- Isiah, a diplomat: Gersh

+ The Throng of Pleasure:
- Mason, an advisor: Mark
- PJ Skinner, a soldier: Pete

+ The Maintenance Collective:
- Echo, a ghost in the machine: Matt
- 314, a touched android: Walker

GM: Duck


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