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Episode 200!! The Second WishOur adventurers explore the magic shoppe and enjoy a nice meal. Autoraz - TyRodney of Koot - PeteMC - JasonMusic - Megaci...View Details

Washouts. Junkies. Cowards. Meet the crew of the Turgenev.Zero Session where we discuss characters and direction for the campaign. GM: BackdoorRex: ?D...View Details

The Cabal journeys to the Post Scream universe of Stars Without Number to kick ass, decapitate goons, and chew bubble gum. Join Swede, Anthonii, Tripp...View Details


The Survivors of the original Guild Fun-nel, Portal Under the Stars, go adventuring! The crazy band of misfits has heard tell of a large fortress, ful...View Details

Santeros The team corrects a small situation in the village before heading back to the States. Handler - RexDr O’Connor - MattGreg Lamont - LeroyFrank...View Details

Jason, Rex, Ty and Duck gather around the Cabal table to discuss some questions around GM'ing RPG campaigns. How do we start and keep campaigns going?...View Details

Families/Players:+ Keepers of the Long Sleep:- Cornelius, a scrounge: Kyle- Isiah, a diplomat: Gersh+ The Throng of Pleasure:- Mason, an advisor: Mark...View Details

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