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Rocket Man's mandolin playing steals the show. A must listen for that reason alone! And yeah, the PCs do stuff too.  Crak, Rocket Man, Duck, Jason, Ty

Can Greyhawk's favorite dysfunctional party locate the arcane sword of Greenswaithe without getting distracted by a sassy android nurse? (Which they h...View Details

The One Ring-013

Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit 005Summer of 2947 TA. The Companions noddle out plans to free Dindy while a raucous goblin party is going on near by. What...View Details

The crew finally returns to Novgorod Station and runs into a friend... or two. GM: Backdoor Rex: Blaine Prescot Winfrey Duck: Ahmya Liso Kyle: Chuck L...View Details

Aacia Stonehell-000-[OSE]

Session zero of our Aacia Stonehell campaign covers some world lore, campaign overview and character creation. Pitt - Kyle Hasan El-Krim - Rex Synderv...View Details


DCC Whiterock Session 20The group continues deeper into the depths of the ruins, and finds slaves ... and more ORCS! There might also be a splintering...View Details

Space travel session! Mother is acting weird... GM: Backdoor Rex: Blaine Prescot Winfrey Duck: Ahmya Liso Kyle: Chuck Love Art: Padraig Dunne Mike: Pr...View Details

Deus Vult - Session 004

After the third sessions impression of an episode of House MD, our heroes finally face down foes in combat. Rex rejoins, Paul goes incognito, Blair an...View Details

The Ball - 005 - [Comrades] December, 1774. After procuring gunpowder, the Tree of Liberty throws a ball to benefit the victims and families of Major ...View Details

Forbidden Lands-004

Join an orc sorcerer (Rex-absent), a goblin minstrel (Ty), two human misfits (Backdoor and Art), and your trustworthy GM (Duck) as the party struggles...View Details

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