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Jazz Craze Part 2 What's up with Scoops? Boothe: Ty Sandy: Hollywood Scoops: Rich GM: Backdoor

Aacia Stonehell-001-[OSE]

Through the canyon with haste, and into the depths of STONEHELL! Pitt - Kyle Hasan El-Krim - Rex Syndervene Artticus - Ty Sufyaan al-Rahmani - Matt A ...View Details


The boys confront Mr. Coop... GM: Backdoor Coop: Matt JB: Jesse Whit: Caleb Trick: Mike


DCC Whiterock Session 22 Our adventurers collect themselves and lick their wounds.  A trip back to town might even happen.  One of those exciting heal...View Details

Deep within the Barrier Peaks, the dead speak and a fathomless ocean roils, both of which hold the answers that Surian and the party seek as they purs...View Details

Get your sticky notes ready it's an FTL session. GM: Backdoor Rex: Blaine Prescot Winfrey Duck: Ahmya Liso Kyle: Chuck Love Art: Padraig Dunne Mike: P...View Details

Bad Night in Bad Kreuznach returns! The characters continue to struggle with the chaos that has descended upon them. They discuss their options and de...View Details


The guys check out the Candle Stick Chateaux and see something go down... GM: Backdoor Coop: Matt JB: Jesse Whit: Caleb Trick: Mike

Cancer Town Pt 1Juan Fifth and Dr. Bishop return! A tip leads them to Harrison Mountain Township--a dying hilltop community winnowing away in the shad...View Details

Things heat up in An Giang and tense at a monastery.  Jack Cooper - JesseWillie Caine - TyLinh Sang - JasonLt. Greg Lemont - MarkGM- Rex

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