The Cabal journeys to the Post Scream universe of Stars Without Number to kick ass, decapitate goons, and chew bubble gum. Join Swede, Anthonii, Tripp, Rex and Duck as they drunkenly careen among the Stars.

A very special international only episode, as Bester and Kuro (as well as Chief Prentiss and Brek, without Tripp to guide him) venture onto the totally calm and peaceful and not eerily silent research station. There is an extremely long socialist garbage time segment, elevator rides, room service, a crazy murderous attacker and a lot of staterooms. Will they ever escape? Will they figure out how a circle works? Tune in!

Bester Foyle - Swede
Kuro Sakiko - Anthonii
Eizo Tanaka - Rex
Brek Halloran - Tripp
GM - Duck

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