Mitch, Petey, and Duck venture into Ironlandaacia, but this time in the hinterlands, in the cavern town on Lindar.  Slamok, Glusenu, and Kalidas are deliquents who are often sent deeper into the caves to get fresh water for the town.  It is a duty for troublemakers, because not everyone comes back from this task.  The water is blighted, and it is getting harder and harder to find enough clean water for the town to survive.  Deep in the caves, Slamok notices a crack in the wall that was not there before, with a steady stream of blighted water pouring forth.  Our childhood friends decide to investigate, and the Delve is on!  Join them for some GM-less story telling in the Ironsworn system.
Players: Mitch, Petey, Duck 
GM: None

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