Oddity High-002

Oddity High Session 2
The school year is about to begin, and a studly jock, a psychotic hottie, a gender fluid goodie goodie, and a cat(!) are going to find out that the Asano Academy is very, very odd.

It's club expo day! The gang heads to the Asano Academy for the opening ceremony and the club expo. We learn about some of the clubs, there is a sparring match in the kendo club, and maybe even some cat fights (actual cat content is 0%). Plus, new NPCs!

Unfortunately our audio was lost about half way through the episode, so you get to listen to the melodious sounds of your GM giving you highlights for the second half of the episode. He did TRY to keep it short. It IS a sad day for Anime RPGing, but we will strive to do better!

GM - Duck
Kobayashi Maru - Jesse
Matsumoto Saeko - Jason
Soga Kenko - Matt
Yoshi - Gersh

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